Cabela’s 100% Cotton Camo Turtleneck

Cabela’s 100% Cotton Turtleneck

Sizes: M-3XL.
Camo patterns: Mossy Oak® New Break-Up®, Seclusion 3D®, Realtree AP™, Mossy Oak Break-Up® Infinity™.

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Cabela’s 100% Cotton Camo Turtleneck

I ordered Cabela’s 100% Cotton Turtleneck in REALTREE AP HD camo pattern. With all the modern scent-blocking, moisture-wicking fabrics, it’s getting harder to find good, old-fashioned cotton, which I prefer for my base layer when active hunting.

The advantages of cotton are its durability and easy to care. Obviously, if you are bowhunting big game, and need to stalk close, it may not have as many advantages as the newer scent-blocking fabrics, but for an active upland hunt it provides a bit of insulation while still breathing.

The shirt offers a convenient chest pocket, but it won’t hold much more than a pack of cigs without sagging. The turtleneck rolls up to the jaw for extra camo coverage.

I do like its comfortable, tagless design. How the hell did it take clothing manufacturers this long to figure out how to go tagless?

The material is a heavyweight 5.5-oz. 100% cotton jersey construction that’s oversized to compensate for shrinkage. I bought an XL., and it still fits great after washing (I’m 6′ 2″ and 210 lbs.).

Not a bad value for $20.